Friday, July 29, 2011

Cross Country Summer Training Schedule: August

For a Copy of the 2011 Summer Training Log: CLICK HERE

Our summer training is coming to an end and the start of the season is just weeks away!  At this point you should have had 6-8 weeks of basic conditioning, running anywhere from 3-7 days a week depending on your fitness and history as a runner.

Beginning and first year runners should have began with running 2-3 days a week in June, slowly adding on mileage and intensity as they progressed through their first 4 weeks of running.  The goal was to build on that foundation and increase the frequency running 3-4 days a week in July.  Keeping with this pattern, we will now run 4-5 days a week in the month of August.  Looking ahead you will continue to build until you can consistently run 4-6 miles per day, 5-6 days a week in September.

Returning runners have had a more strenuous course running 3-5 days a week in June, and then 5-6 days a week for the month of July.  Now in August you will strive to consistently run 6-7 days a week which we will maintain through the season.  It is this consistency of mileage that will prepare you to endure the 16 week season and have you running your best in November when it counts the most. 

VARSITY TRY-OUTS: If you wish to participate in the Nike Pre-Nationals race in Portland Oregon on September 24th you will have to participate in the team try-out on August 19th.  A basic fitness test has been designed, which takes in consideration early fitness levels of summer, of 3 x 1 mile repeats (6 minutes boys / 7 minutes girls) with a full recovery of 5 minutes.  The top 7 eligible runners who meet the minimum time standards at the Watermelon run on September 3rd or the Early Bird Invitational on September 10th will qualify for the travel team.

This is the minimum recommendation of what you should be doing for the month of August to be prepared for the upcoming XC season:

Beginner / Novice Runners:
4 x Team Run + 1 run on your own.
Goal Mileage: 20-35 miles per week

Varsity Runners:
5 x Team Run + 1 run on your own. 
Goal Mileage: 35-45

5x Team Run + 1-2 runs on your own. 
Goal Mileage: 45-60 miles per week.

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