Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cross Country Summer Conditioning: July


For a Copy of the 2011 Summer Training Log: CLICK HERE

As a member of the Warrior Cross Country program you have chosen to challenge yourself and your teammates to reach beyond what you thought was ever possible.  You have agreed to push yourself and always strive for excellence.  Most importantly you have accepted the challenge to be an upstanding student-athlete in the sports community and be Christ-like in all you do.

We have some exciting things planned for this summer and upcoming cross country season!  Attached you will find our summer conditioning schedule for the month of July.  If you would like to improve and be your best I cannot stress enough the need to run EVERY DAY!  If you have a desire to compete at a high level this fall you must put in the mileage this summer to reach the next level.  The coaches cannot be your motivation; that hunger and desire must come from within.  I strongly believe we have the talent at this school on both the girls and the boys side to challenge for a top 3 position and qualify for the State Championship.  It comes down to work ethic, desire and guts. It is that simple.

For the Month of July we will meet 3 times a week beginning the week of July 11th.  It is strongly recommended you continue to build your mileage and work up to averaging 5-8 miles a run (for experienced Varsity runners).  We should add distance to our long run (8-12 miles for experienced runners) and even incorporate some strides.  You should also be adding 2-3 runs on your own outside of our team runs.

This is the minimum recommendation of what you should be doing for the month of July to be prepared for the upcoming XC season:

Beginner / Novice Runners:
3 x Team Run + 1 run on your own.
Goal Mileage: 20-35 miles per week

Varsity Runners:
3 x Team Run + 2-3 runs on your own. 
Goal Mileage: 30-50

3 x Team Run + 3 runs on your own. 
Goal Mileage: 45-60 miles per week.

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