Monday, October 13, 2014

Team Record Falls for Sixth Consecutive Week

IMG_0187Fresno, CA - The Valley Christian cross country team traveled to Woodward Park in Fresno this past weekend to compete in the Clovis Invitational.  The 5k race is held on the same course at the State Championship in November and is a preview of sorts as many of the top teams in California were in attendance.

Summer has sufferingly held on through October and once again conditions were less than ideal. As temperatures soared into the uncomfortable 90+ range, the heat no doubt took its toll on the finishing times. Despite the adverse weather the Warriors once again battled through, again downing a team record, this one by over 40 seconds. It is their sixth in as many weeks.

Nathan Lynch once again was the top finisher for the Warriors, medaling in his divisional race and improving over 90 seconds from his best set in 2012. It went without mention but it was an important day for the senior. After this race two years ago Lynch was diagnosed with cancer.  Not only did his season end abruptly, but life as he knew it had changed forever. But to him the significance of this race was not because of the past but because of the future. His team is on the brink of qualifying for their first CCS Championship as a team for DIII and are currently ranked fourth in CCS.  There is no time to look back when you are moving forward.    

Lynch led an inspired Warriors squad to a solid all-around performance Saturday.  His time of 17:16 lands him #2 all-time for the Warriors for the Woodward Park course. His work ethic has set the tone for the team this season and the younger runners are blossoming under his leadership. Justin Baraona ran a personal best by over a minute and moves to #4 all-time. Cameron Lockard moves to #7 on the list with his finish of 18:07. Jason Li and Dean DeMoss battled through cramping and grinded out the last mile to close out the team's scoring. All runners were under 18:35, averaging below 6 minute pace per mile.

For the girls freshman Camille Reed continues to be stellar and debuts #19 all-time for the Warriors at Woodward Park. Other highlights include Lauren Cicisly medaling in the frosh-soph girls race and Sophia Patterson getting her goal of dipping under the 24 min mark for 5k for the first time in the Frosh-Soph race.

The Warriors will travel to San Francisco's Golden Gate Park Thursday to compete in the second WCAL meet of the season.

Full Results: Girls, Boys, Girls Frosh-Soph

Team Results:

Nathan Lynch

Camille Reed

5:05, 10:58 (5:53), 16:41 (5:43)

6:09, 13:28 (7:19), 20:36 (7:08) 
Justin Baraona

Nicole Favre

5:22, 11:25 (6:05), 17:25 (6:00)

6:33, 14:08 (7:35), 21:40 (7:32)
Cameron Lockard

Kiko Li

5:22, 11:33 (6:10), 17:36 (6:03)

6:27, 14:08 (7:42), 21:56 (7:48)
Jason Li

Vanessa Giacalone

5:24, 11:51 (6:27), 17:48 (5:57)

6:33, 14:08 (7:35), 22:22 (8:14)
Dean DeMoss

Lauren Cicisly

5:20, 11:43, 18:00 (6:17)

6:47, 14:40 (7:53), 22:43 (8:03)

Leia Wang

6:40, 14:41 (8:01), 23:00 (8:19)

Sophia Patterson

6:42, 14:47 (8:05), 23:04 (8:17)

Brianna Becerra

6:59, 15:08 (8:09), 23:05 (7:57)

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