Thursday, September 26, 2013

Backyard Dash Takes Over Hellyer Park

Hellyer Park, San Jose - Once a year on the fourth Monday in September, Andrew Hill and Valley Christian take the mile or so trek from their respective campuses to meet at Hellyer Park to partake in a three mile fun run.  Long dubbed the “Backyard Dash,” the run has grown over the years, from about forty runners total for the inaugural gathering to almost two hundred in 2013. 

Andrew Hill Coach, Jason Guven came up with the idea after noticing the two teams using the same bike path there at the park and have hosted the run ever since.  Post-race watermelon was perhaps the highlight for many of the runners who were grateful of their Andrew Hill hosts.  Boasting a team of over 160 along with Valley Christian’s roster of 70 made for a crowded but fun run for all.

Running up front for the Warriors was Jeremy Dong and Nedu Ndili.  Before having to stop just past two miles due to a stomach cramp, Jeremy was with the race leaders pushing the pace.  As was freshman Nedu Ndili who made an unfortunate wrong turn and ended up 6th.  For the girls Leia Wang, Annie Yeh and Maddie Hoover were top finishers for the Warriors.

"It was good to come out and run hard even though your not wearing a uniform," Coach Guven said of the fun run addressing all the runners. 

Next up for the Warriors the varsity team is scheduled to compete in the Stanford Invitational on Saturday.  All levels open up league competition Thursday, October 3 at the Baylands in Sunnyvale.

24:21  Leia Wang
26:10  Annie Yeh
26:17  Maddie Hoover
28:02  Allison Cong
29:23  Stephanie Lim
29:31  Mayu Yoshikawa
29:33  Maggie Theaker
29:33  Audrey Chang
29:46  Grace Cardona
30:05  Vanessa Giacalone
30:13  Courtney Nelson
30:14  Shannon Kovach
32:31  Alyssa Llewwnyn

19:43  Nedu Ndili
19:53  Justin Baraona
20:18  Jason Li
20:34  Francisco Herrera
20:37  Cameron Lockard
20:38  Newman Hu
20:45  Matthew Weeks
20:48  Coach Small
21:49  Nathan Baldry
21:50  Samuel Cuevas
22:13  Dean DeMoss
22:29  Wilson Chung
22:56  Inigo Garcia
23:19  Zachary Garcia
23:25  Matthew Milner
23:40  Sam Taft
24:22  Andrew Zhang
25:58  Omar Torrentera
26:15  Peter Sohn
27:11  Alex Lee
27:34  Minh Nguyen
28:14  Jeremy Dong
28:29  Volk Jensiriwanich
28:30  Alex Wang
30:55  Alan Nguyen
32:29  Jacob Laucella
33:28  Arjun Doreswamy

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