Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alumni News: Blaha Reports for Duty!

Emily and Sarah Blaha at Graduation with the family!
Emily Blaha has been the team captain and a leader for the Warriors since she arrived as a squirrely freshman 4 years ago and is now off to Annapolis where she prepares for the next chapter: BOOT CAMP!

“I am going to miss my XC family so much, but they should know I will be thinking of them every time I’m trying to get through a run without them,” Blaha said after her last run with the team. So what advice does the Captain want to depart to the incoming freshman before shipping out?  “Listen to Small and don't forget to ice. Never let your new shoes stay white for long and do some push-ups!”

Blaha, who will be a part of the Navy's Division 1 Cross Country team in the fall leaves for Annapolis on Wednesday in order to report to boot camp on Thursday morning. With no communication allowed until August, letters are encouraged as it is always encouraging to hear from home as you are going through the rigors of boot camp.

If you would like to write to Emily this summer you can send to her at the following address:

MIDN Emily Blaha
G Company, 14 Platoon
Annapolis, MD 21412

Read Emily's High School Cross Country Interview: CLICK HERE


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