Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coach's Corner: BornTo Run

To read a portion of Born to Run: CLICK HERE

Jesus said LOVE is the greatest command and for good reason: it is the missing component in many of our lives. As Christian (cross country) athletes it is important to set the example of what it means to love running but even more importantly each other. We need to set the example of love for instruction, discipline and compassion. A team that loves each other and loves to run will be stronger, faster and more willing to go to that next level of pain for their team.

Born to Run: Chapter 15
“Over the next few years, Vigil had become convinced that the next leap forward in human endurance would come from a dimension he dreaded getting into: character. Not the “character” that the other coaches were rah-rah-rah-ing about; Vigil wasn’t talking about “grit” or “hunger” or “the size of the fight in the dog.” In fact, he meant the exact opposite. Vigil’s notion of character wasn’t toughness. It was compassion. Kindness. Love.”

Joe Vigil is a legendary coach with too many NCAA championships to remember.  He coached Olympic medalists and is a student of the sport for 50+ years.  After years of research he realized that all of the training, all of the guts, and determination is driven by one thing: LOVE!  This year as we embark on a new season of cross country lets turn our focus to Jesus who set the example of perfect love and emulate that as we use our talents for HIS glory.  (Mark 12:28-34)
I strongly encourage you all to read "Born to Run," especially chapter 15.  The book takes you through why we are not only evolved and created to be runners but dives into the science, coaching, and some wacky ideas out there that truly shows that God has truly built us for endurance.  I promise, you will be a more inspired runner and truly feel as is you are all born to run! 

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