Friday, July 8, 2011

Alumni News: Emily Blaha Enjoying USNA "Summer Camp"

By John Blaha

Recognize the steely professional future female Naval Officer in the photo below?  Yes, Emily is now living her dream at the United States Naval Academy!  See below for more details....

She began her service to our country on 30 June, on a very warm evening, on Tecumseh Court, in Annapolis, Maryland. There, along with 1220 of her future closest friends, she took the Oath of Office and was Sworn In. You know what I'm writing about, "defend the constitution, against all enemies, foreign or domestic...., so help me God!"

She has been enjoying the USNA version of summer camp ever since! Sailing, martial arts, placement exams, close order drill, swimming.... Sounds like fun, huh?

Former team captain Emily Blaha with gun in hand shows off her mean side.
The Midshipmen have no access to electronics, or any kind of media, but they can receive mail. And only mail! No phone calls, no email, no text, and no twitter. Of course, I don't even know how to receive twitter, but this isn't about me.....

If you would like to send her a letter, please do! But first, some notes to follow. DO NOT send postcards, as her seniors (called Detailers) will read them and perhaps give her a hard time. DO NOT write cute funny things on the envelopes for the same reason. Send letters enclosed in sealed envelopes. And do not expect a reply. The Mids have to sit down and write letters home frequently, but they often fall asleep, or choose to polish their shoes again, or make their rack again, or study their gouge book, Reef Points, again. So, please consider your letter writing a selfless act in hopes of raising the spirits of this young lady who has elected to serve all of us in this manner!

I will try to send out an occasional update about what we know of her time there during Plebe Summer. It is, at times, amusing, awesome, boring, terrifying, fun, NOT fun, but it promises to be a real GROWTH experience!

So send those letters, and offer up those prayers, and join Martha and I as we hang on for the ride!

MIDN 4/C Emily Blaha
G Company, 14 Platoon,
Annapolis, MD

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