Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ryan Ensor & Morgan Lira Qualify for Junior Olympic Nationals!

Ryan Ensor clears the barrier in his first ever steeplechase.
San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton - Competing in the Junior Olympic Region 14 Championship held at San Joaquin Delta College on Friday, Ryan Ensor and Morgan Lira qualified for the J.O. National Championship that will be held in Wichita, Kansas on July 26th.  Lira finished 3rd in the in the 2000 meter Steeplechase to advance in the Young Women division while Ryan Ensor finished 5th in the Intermediate Boys.  The top 5 in each event advance to the National Championship.

Ryan Ensor debuted in the event setting the school record finishing in 7:41.17. "I didn't max out because I wasn't sure of how I'd feel later in the race and it is so hot.  I wanted to finish strong and now that I have done one I will know what to expect next time" Ensor said after his race.  Running in triple digit heat didn't help the cause for anyone to push the pace as the track temperature soared well over 105 degrees.  "The water jump was refreshing," he said after the race.  "It makes running in circles a lot more fun."

Morgan Lira also competed in the steeplechase and finished 3rd in her division with a time of 8:23.  Running strong the first lap she found herself a bit handicapped for the remaining 4.5 laps as she lost her contacts on the first water jump.  "I lost my contact in my right eye and it really messed up my judgment of the barriers," Morgan said after the race.  "Everything got really cloudy and so I tried to run with one eye closed so I wouldn't die."  She managed just fine and despite being a little disappointed at her misfortune it was worth the drive.  "I had a lot of fun and hope I have a chance to try it again, the steeple is so extreme!"

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