Monday, October 1, 2012

Boys Set New Team Record at Stanford Invitational

It was one of the most competitive meets to date as teams from throughout the west coast converged on the Stanford Golf Course to compete in the Stanford Invitational.

The Varsioty Boys set a new team record running 92:17, nearly 80 seconds faster than the previous best set in 2007.  Eyobed Mesfun was the top runner for the Warriors finishing in 17:42.  It was a trio of seniors leading the way as Alex Ascencio (18:12) and Ryan Ensor (18:39) were next across the line. 

The girls finished 13th in the DIII race led by Ashley Lara (20:53) and Jessica Xu (20:57).   

Team Results:

20:53.7  Ashley Lara
20:57.0  Jessica Xu
21:50.5  Kellianne Connolly
21:56.9  Amy Reyes
22:21.2  Shannon Luu
23:33.1  Megan Gillespie

17:42.7 Eyobed Mesfun
18:12.0 Alex Ascencio
18:39.2 Ryan Ensor
18:39.6 Jeremy Dong
19:04.1 Jason Li
19:41.7 Nathan Lynch
Team Time: 1:07:59.3
Team Avg: 21:35
Spread: 1:27
Team Time: 92:17.6
Team Avg: 18:27
Spread: 1:21

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