Tuesday, January 18, 2011

VC's "Do-It-Yourself" Winter Conditioning Program

The following is a voluntary "on your own" program designed to take you through the first 9 weeks following the conclusion of the cross country season. The goal of this initial phase is to recover from the previous season and ease back into running, preparing you for harder running when the track season begins January 31st.

Beginning Week 5 (where this calendar begins on January 2nd) you will increase the work load with threshold work, strides and fartlek. This will help you transition into faster training that will be specialized for your specific event later in the season. 

The program offered here has the sole intent of getting you in shape for Track this spring, NOT racing shape. It will prepare you for the REAL work that you will be doing in the months ahead. It is imperative that you do not run too fast and choose a pace that represents your current fitness. Training too fast, too soon will lead to a short term benefit and can potentially result in burnout later in the year. Remember that our training is geared to performing our best in May.

You are the author of this program.  This is your time to get in a good base before the start of the season.  Be your best... train Beast Mode!

Phase 1 Training Outline:

Week 1 - Complete Rest.
Week 2 - Complete Rest.
Week 3 - Light Running & Cross Training.
Week 4 - Light Running & Cross Training; introduce strides for turnover.

[This phase may have additional weeks rest as needed (i.e. recovering from injury). Runners may also increase the number of weeks of light running due to when the athlete ends their season.]

Week 5 - Increased mileage, introduce long run, strides, & some transition threshold work.
Week 6 - Build mileage, long run, strides; introduce threshold & fartlek workout.
Week 7 - Build mileage, long run, fartlek and threshold run. Continue strides for turnover.
Week 8 - Final week of transition training, continue to build.

Week 9 - Recovery Week: reduced volume, intensity; continue strides and drills. Intro strength training.

For the complete conditioning program: CLICK HERE


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