Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meet the Team: Veronica Lane

For our next "meet the team" installment we interview Veronica Lane.  Veronica is a 4 year runner on the high school team and has been a key member on the JV squad, stepping up to run Varsity when called upon.  Qualifying as an alternate to last year's state meet team she loves to talk religion, politics and leads the school's robotics team as well.  Last year she ran 22:43 at Shoreline in the WCAL #2 race, an all-time personal best for three miles.  An amazing student, a dedicated athlete, and strong Christian she provides great senior leadership for the team. 

Class:                           Senior 
Favorite Class:            AP Govenment
Favorite Food:             Chicken Parmesan

Q: When did you start running?  What inspired you to try cross country?

I started running in 6th grade.  In 5th grade I played soccer and I was able to run a lot longer than others.  When I was in PE I was the fastest long distance runner in my class so I decided to do VCJH cross country.

Q: What was your first race?  Describe you experience.

The first race I can remember was really fun.  It was hot out and the race was 2 miles long.  I started out ok and throughout the race I kept passing people.  At the end of the race I started sprinting and my shoe started to come off.  I managed to keep it on and finish the race.  At the end I found out that I placed first, I was so excited!

Q: What do you like about running cross country?

I like keeping fit and learning to push myself.  I enjoy the atmosphere because for the four years I’ve been running the cross country team has aways been like one big family.

Q: What are some of your favorite and/or toughest workouts?

I actually enjoy the hard workouts, I like short intervals the most.  Those are the hardest for me, so each time I have to push hard and break down mental barriers.  I feel great at the end of the workouts where I challenge myself the most.

Q: Favorites: xc race? xc course? Track race distance? Track meet? Competitor(s)? 

Favorite Race – Crystal Springs
Favorite Run – Quicksilver
Favorite Race – 1 mile
Meet – Away meets that aren’t in San Francisco
Competitors – The one’s I beat

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