Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet the Team: Karen Mac

Our first interview is with standout Freshman Karen Mac. Coming to us from Challenger Middle School this is her first year of competitive running and she is already having a major impact on the team placing in the top 7 runners for Valley Christian at the UCSC Watermelon Run against Santa Cruz High School and at the Early Bird Invitational where she ran an impressive 22:41 for 3 miles in the Freshman race.

Karen Mac

Favorite Class:
Favorite Food:
I don’t know ???
Fish that have been living forever even though I have never fed them!

Q: When did you start running? What inspired you to try cross country?

I started running in 6th grade. I was inspired to try cross country because I am not very coordinated but was always one of the fastest runners in my PE class.

Q: What was your first race? Describe your experience.

My first race was the practice meet in Santa Cruz. The race was way shorter than I thought it would be and it went by so quickly. However, I hated the end of it because two people from Santa Cruz blocked the path and I was confused about where the race ended. After, I ate a lot of watermelon but nowhere near as much as Shannon!

Q: What do you like about running cross country?

I like scaring people by telling them about how many miles we ran. I also like how accomplished I feel after a good workout.

Q: What are some of your favorite and/or toughest workouts?

My favorite workout is the 5 mile tempo at Alum Rock Park because it is mostly flat and has lots of shade. The toughest workout we do is hill repeats at Montgomery Hill because I’m not a big fan of hills and there is hardly any shade.

Q: Favorites: xc race? xc course? Track race distance? Track meet?

My favorite race and cross country course so far is the Santa Cruz course at UCSC.