Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cross Country Season Begins August 16th!

Cross Country is a unique sport. It is a collective of individuals who depend on each other for success. This season as you run, you are not just doing it for yourself, but for each other.

The summer is flying by and before you know it school will be starting once again. Mark your calendars: Our first Cross Country Practice is August 16th at 2 pm. We will meet at Rancho San Antonio Park in Cupertino (for directions click here).

This practice is MANDITORY for all prospective cross country athletes and important to the success of our team. Please plan to be in attendance.

The coaches have designed a comprehensive training and racing schedule to help you reach your individual and team goals. It will take dedication and hard work from every runner on the team to accomplish our goals. All we could ever ask of you is to go out and do your best, and that will be the expectation this fall.

With just one week before the start of our season it is time to start being more consistent in your training. If you are running three times a week, stretch it to 4. Add a mile to the length of your runs and start to focus on getting in shape. For the next three weeks our focus will be to build a base and to work on the strength and endurance needed to run fast.

As you increase your volume it is very important that you continue running on soft surfaces. If you can, do NOT run on concrete. The increased pounding drastically increases your risk for injury and breaks down your body faster. The reduced impact of the trails allows your body to recover faster and remain injury free. Please take the time to drive to local trails or parks rather than running on cement for you weekend runs.

The late Steve Prefontane once said, “Life’s battles don't always go to the strongest or fastest man, but sooner or later the man who wins is the fellow who thinks he can.” This season I want you to think you can, but believe it.

What you will need to start the season:

1. Turn in your physical! You will not be allowed to participate in any practice unless you have turned in a physical to the athletic office. There will be no exceptions!

2. Permission to Play. This form is available in the athletic office and has been e-mailed to you at the beginning of the summer. This must be turned in to participate in cross country.

3. NEW running shoes. I strongly recommend that every three to four months you purchase new shoes. Each new season (Summer, Cross Country, Track) the amount of miles run breaks down the supportive structures and cushioning that make up the shoe. This leads to minor aches and pains and could eventually cause injury. Even if your shoes “look good” they still need to be replaced. When you buy the shoes walk around in them for 1 week to break them in before running in them and try to stick to a brand and style you know works for you. Choose a light-weight, neutral shoe that feels good to run in. Please choose a true running shoe, Nike Shocks may look cool but may not be the best shoe for you to run 50 miles per week in. Choose wisely.

Athletic Performance in Los Gatos is offering a 20% team discount, just mention you run for Valley Christian. You can also find good running shoes (Asics, New Balance, adidas, etc.) at a discounted price at stores like Kohls (but are last year’s model). Average prices range from $35-50.

4. Proper running attire. This year’s spirit pack will include two Nike dry-fit “Warrior” t-shirts and a warm-up top for our races and cold days. If you have purchased this previously you are not required to purchase it again. You may also purchase items on an individual basis to replace old or lost items. The warm-up is REQUIRED and part of the uniform. All athletes must wear this to races. Also please wear proper running attire to practice. Proper shirts and shorts are required for fast running. To be a runner you must look like a runner.

5. Running Watch. If you have aspirations of being a serious runner you need to have a watch and WEAR it to practice daily. This is required for all runners this year.

6. Swimsuit. One piece suits for girls and trunks for boys are recommended. Pool running is an important supplement to our training and is key to strengthening our core muscles. Do not miss these workouts by forgetting to bring your swimsuit.

Additional information for the season will be handed out the first day of practice. If you have any questions please let us know. Our Journey together begins August 16th. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Go Warriors!

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