Friday, August 1, 2014

August 2014 Summer Training

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At the conclusion of last cross country season our freshman boys had finished 2nd in the WCAL; our girls finished second in CCS and advanced as a team to their sixth state championship in eight years.  Our team was the largest ever in school history.  Yet still the future would remain uncertain.  The success (or lack of it) would be made in individual decisions in the coming coming months and years.  

That legacy is being built, each day adding onto the next.  This past spring saw some of the most outstanding track performances in school history and that momentum was carried into the summer. In spite of camps, summer school, jobs, college visits and vacations a steady group of 10-20 dedicated Warriors have shrugged off the morning’s grogginess and hit the trails.  Others have taken their dedication with them on the road.

At the start of the summer I emphasized a common saying amongst coaches: that it is the months of June, July and August that will be essential to your success in the fall.  To be good as a team, running has to be a way of life at an individual level. It means that you make time for your commitment, even getting up early when you are tired or don’t feel good.  It is a part of your routine: “if you eat today, you run today.”

It is hard to believe but the summer is down to the final few weeks. Three main ways we are going to work on improving this season: run further, run faster and be consistent.  There is nothing more we can do for the later than to get out and run every day and build one run into string of many.  But as the summer comes to a close we can work to extend the length and intensity of our efforts.  Lets dial in our training with increased focus and determination as we are set to begin the cross country season.

Please remember you must have a current physical on file before you can practice.  Athletic forms and physicals are to be turned into the athletic office before August 15.

Lets put in the work and be ready to go the start of the season!

Summer Team Runs: 
  • When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
  • Where: Quicksilver Park 
  • When: Meet at McAbee entrance @ 7:30 am; Run departs for stretching tree @ 7:40 am 

Three Goals for the Month of August: 
  • Run your goal mileage!   
  • Be consistent! We are a team of individuals and people are counting on you.  
  • Do the little things!  From rolling out and icing to turning in your paperwork to eating right and getting enough sleep, live a discipline life.

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