Monday, June 10, 2013

June 2013 Summer Training

It is a common saying amongst coaches that the key to a successful cross country season is summed up in three words: June, July and August.  There is perhaps no better time to run than in the freedom of the summer months.  You may not realize it but every day for the next three months you will face a decision: You will have a choice to do nothing, to just get by with the minimum, or to work hard every day, to challenge yourself, and accept that to be good takes pain and sacrifice. My challenge to you is to choose the later and outwork your rivals.  

To do this does not necessarily mean by intensity or even in quantity of miles, but in consistency, dedication and together as a unified team.For our summer to be successful we must be consistent; running every day will be at the core of how we perform in the fall.  It is not one workout or a few good days that will get us there, it is every day, added together over the entirety of the summer.  No one can make this decision for you; this drive must come from within. 

The following is a guideline of what should be done over the summer to be successful varsity runner in the upcoming cross country season.  The program offered here has the sole intent of getting you in shape for the upcoming season and to prepare you for the REAL work that you will be doing in the core portion of the seasonThe key here is to be energized, fit and ready come the start of the season.

The goal of this program is to inspire you to be your best and reach your full potential.  To do that you need to run consistently.  Run 7 days a week.  Run in the rain.  Run when it is hot.  Get up early to run when you have a busy day.  Run at night.  If you have 20 is enough to run.  Run in your jeans if you forgot your shorts.  Run because you love it and even when you don’t.  In the end, there is no substitution for hard work.  “If you eat today, you run today.”

If you would like to run as a group we will be meeting during the week for runs, but don’t let this stop you from getting together more often.  Call up some friends and go for a run.  It is time to take some initiative!  Let’s make this the best season yet! 

June 18 will kick off our summer conditioning this year. Beginners and those of you who may be starting up after a long break the run may only start with a mile or two. Those who have been running may go longer but no matter what your starting point it should be with friends at a relaxed pace. Whatever you can do right now, as long as it feels easy and within yourself! Remember, this is just get the wheels going as we build through the summer and into the season! 

The following is the recommendation of what you should be doing for the month of June to be prepared for the upcoming season: 

Novice Runners: * 4-5 runs per week; 3-5 miles per run 

Returning Runners: * 5-6 runs per week; 5-6 miles per run 

Varsity Runners: * 6-7 runs per week; 7-10 miles per run + strides twice a week

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