Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Warriors Season Concludes At Fall Sports Banquet

The Warriors cross country season has now come to a close. It has been a wonderful year and I speak for all the coaches when I say that we are grateful for each one of you and the work ethic you have displayed throughout the season.

We are on a journey… 

As you all know the WCAL is one of the most competitive leagues in the section, if not the state. In 2009 our Varsity boys climbed out of the WCAL cellar and finished 7th place in league. While some were disappointed and had higher aspirations, one parent put it in perspective: it was “a step up the ladder.” Since that time the Warriors have grown in number, in depth, and as a team. In 2011 every team record fell and the boys had their first CCS Individual champion in school history.

This year the team took another step, over 60 athletes come out for cross country with 48 making it to the end. Despite graduating four seniors from the 2011 team the boys have broken all but one of last year’s team records, qualifying three individuals to the CCS Championship. The girls had their highest finish ever in league competition finishing 3rd in the second WCAL meet at Golden Gate Park. They went on to finish the season 4th in the CCS Championship in an emotional dual with league rivals for the final state spot.

Undeniably this season has been full of trials beyond academics, training and racing; life altering events that make running a personal best feel insignificant. We have been in constant prayer for all those ailing from injuries and health issues. Through it all the team rallied behind one another and remained focus on our end goal.

We still have more ladder to climb… 

Moving forward we cannot dwell on our successes or our shortcomings. This season’s success should come as no surprise as it is a result of the hard work put in during the summer months. Running is not a genetic skill like catching a football or hitting a curveball where you can rely on talent. You must put in the work, day in and day out; every day for years to truly find out how great you can be. Just as not everyone can take a football hit, or hit a curve ball, not everyone can you handle the onset of gradual fatigue. Running is hard and hard for most to understand why you do it. And it can be hard to explain because it is in that moment of overcoming and perseverance that you realize the full extent of that joy. It is something you can’t really explain but have to experience. It is our prayer that you challenge yourself and continue on this journey up the ladder.

  1. Keep running… EVERY DAY! To be your best you must remain focused and run every day in the off-season. A couple miles a day goes a long way. 
  2. Run Track! If you are not doing another spring sport consider running track this spring. It is more individual but a great way to work your speed endurance for next year. 
  3. Run in the summer. We meet multiple times a week, if you are in town join us for a run! 
  1. Conditioning begins on your own December 3rd. A self-guided training program and training diary will be distributed for distance runners at awards night. Formal conditioning will begin in January. 
  2. Coach Marshall will have a track & field meeting some time in December, please be listening to the announcements. 
  3. The first official practice is January 28, 2013. 

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