Thursday, September 27, 2012

2012 XC Camp: Warriors Running For Something More

The joy of running is something that is hard to explain and best experienced. While to outsiders it might seem that "all you do is run," those involved know that cross country is so much more. 

Over 30 members of this year’s cross country team made the trek to the Sierra Mountains to take part in this year’s camp.  The focus was more on bonding as a team and dedicating their season to God than about conditioning, but the high elevation still took its toll on the lungs!

Early morning runs were followed by lots of food, hiking, swimming, kayaking on Lake Tahoe, hanging out, and devotions, all of which was intended to bring the team together and create a family like atmosphere.

“I have found that you are best motivated when you are running out of love than for selfish individual accomplishment.” Coach Small said.  “Not a hippy guru, feel good kind of ‘love’ but the kind that when you line up at the starting line and you have battled all season through ups and downs and have overcome together as one.  It is only then you are truly confident that those standing next to you will give it their all for you, and you for them.  That is what this camp is all about.  It’s about running for your teammates more than yourself.”

Throughout the weekend the team was challenged to pray for each other and be a positive contributor to the team.  “It is important that each person on our team understand they have something to give to the team.  That whether it is by performance, leadership, work ethic or being a good friend each person has a responsibility to make the team better.  It is important that we understand that we are not running alone as individuals but as a collective group for each other.”

New to the team this year and stepping into a varsity role from the onset is sophomore Nathan Lynch whose sentiment on the camp was echoed by all: “Throughout the course of the weekend we ran some sweet trails followed by great views.  But the best part of the experience was the team bonding.  Over-all it was a great experience and helps us come together as a team.”

“It was the best weekend of my life,” said senior Kellianne Connolly.  That is high praise from a runner who has been a part of Valley Christian Cross Country since 6th grade in Junior High.

"The team really came together," Shannon Luu said reflecting on this year's camp.

The inaugural camp was a huge success thanks to the support and contributions of parent chaperones, coaches, administration and athletes.    

Check out lots of Camp Photos: CLICK HERE 

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