Saturday, September 8, 2012

Boys Team Record Falls at Early Bird Invitational

For the second consecutive year the boys varsity set a team time record at Toro Park thanks to a strong all-around showing.  Eyobed Mesfun led the team with a time of 17:39 which places him #3 on the Warriors All-time list as all five scoring runners finished under 18:30.

The boys record of 92:04 set in 2011 shattered by nearly a minute dropping the new standard to 91:09.

The girls were off of their record performance a year ago but still packed in the top six girls within a 30 second spread led by Kellianne Connolly's 21:09.  The team is trending up to start the season with their best racing ahead of them!

Most improved on the boys side was Alex Ascencio who dropped 80 seconds from last year's time while for the girls Shannon Luu took 27 seconds off of her best.  It takes courage to push yourself through uncomfortable paces running faster than you never have before, but one thing for sure is that it feels good at the end of the day to leave it all out there.  “There was nothing I could have done to go faster,” Luu said after her race.  “I left it all out on the course today.”

While times were sluggish due to warm temperatures both teams competed strong with the girls finishing 11th and the boys 23rd out of 50 teams throughout Northern California.

Full Results: CLICK HERE

17:40  Eyobed Mesfun
18:16  Jason Li
18:20  Jeremy Dong
18:25  Ryan Ensor
18:28  Nathan Lynch 
18:40  Alex Ascencio
20:06  Samuel Han
20:07  Matt Lundy
20:08  Tejas Reddy
20:16  Dean DeMoss
21:11  Davis Ahmann
21:53  Peter Enfantino
22:01  Inigo Garcia
22:10  Akhilesh Aji
22:25  Wilson Ye
22:31  Alex Wang
23:15  Zachary Garcia
24:09  Paul James

21:10  Kellianne Connolly
21:10  Kailey Eddy
21:10  Jessica Xu
21:19  Ashley Lara
21:42  Amy Reyes
21:49  Shannon Luu
24:10  Megan Gilespie
24:13  Leia Wang
24:18  Morgan Starkey
24:37  Vanessa Giacalone
25:49  Lindsey Folden
25:51  Anne Blaha
27:22  Amanda Ernenwein
27:28  Winse Tan
28:11  Katie Osumi
29:40  Jenny Lv
30:39  Megan Fu
32:25  Ashley Barron
32:42  Sydnie Shen
33:00  Stephanie Lim

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