Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Alumni News: Lira Opens Season for Moorehead State

Morgan Lira is set to represent Morehead State University in her first collegiate race Saturday at the Memphis Twilight Invitational.

Lira made her mark on the Valley Christian record books her four years as a Warrior solidifying herself as one of the best in school history. After winning the WCAL Cross Country Title in 2010, she became only the second person in school history to break 18 minutes at Crystal Springs as a Senior last season. She went on to finish 15th in the California State Championship.

"Valley Christian definitely prepared me well on training logs and eating and the little things," Lira said about her experience running at the D1 level. "We ice everyday, plus rolling and weights… All things we did in High School."

Lira who had her appendix removed this summer felt a bit behind coming into the season but in no time she was up and running. Running in a team time trial she managed to run 2700 meters in the rain in 10 minutes, solidifying her as a top runner for her new team. “I thought it was kinda slow but Coach said it was good considering,” Lira said of her run. “Practice is going well and the team is awesome. I’m starting to do double days now and get into shape!”

Check out Morgan Lira's Bio on the Morehead State Website here: CLICK HERE

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