Friday, April 27, 2012

Little Warrior Nation: Track & Field Team Gives Back

At one point or another coaches and athletes alike were introduced to the sport of Track & Field.  In it's purest sense it takes us back to when we were kids, when our parents had to tell us to slow down because everywhere we went we ran full speed.  Or when racing a friend to see who was the fastest was just a part of play.  We all have an inner desire to throw, to jump and run and this brings out the best of being a kid!

It may have been encouragement from a parent, a coach, a friend, a sibling or just an inner desire to try something new but for one reason or another the athletes on the track & field team again had a desire to bring out the fun in acomplishing a challenge, in pushing themselves to be better, to run faster, to jump higher, to throw further.  And nothing is more important than sharing that love with others! 

Coach Tammie Marshall devised a track & field sampling that included the high jump, long jump, hurdles and the shot put.  The day ended with an 8 x 50 meter relay (one lap around the track) that teamed "little" Warriors and current Warriors together in a race around the track.  It was a day full of smiles and laughing and fun! 

"Special thanks to Tammie Marshall, and the rest of the coaches and kids for understanding of the importance of the program and their hard work to make yesterday such a good day." Eric Sharrenberg said about yesterday's event. 

The Little Warrior Nation program pairs coaches and student athletes with elementary students to promotes and introduce youth to a variety of sports.

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