Monday, March 12, 2012

Sean Davis Shatters 1600 meters School Record!

Sean Davis shattered his own school record running 4:17.93 in his first meet of the year at the K-Bell Invitational Saturday.  Running a strategic race Davis moved up the entire race taking the lead with just over 300 meters to go and found himself in a dog fight with 5 other runners to the finish.  Davis lost in a lean at the tape to defending 3200 meter champion Kevin Bishop of Monta Vista, but his time was a 4 second personal best and his first under 4:20 solidifying him as the best ever in school history.

"The best part was closing in 60 flat," Davis said reflecting on his race a day later.  "Cross Country paid off big time, I should have been doing it all high school."

While the extra endurance helped Davis in the later stages of the race there is no questioning his speed the last 400 meters.  Working with Coach Greg Marshall his first three seasons, Davis has honed his speed and has been a top 800 meter runner in the section since his Sophomore year.  That explosive speed he has developed combined with the strength and endurance from recent mileage has helped Davis take a huge leap this spring. 

As for the what the future has in store Davis sees the big picture. "It's all in the hands of the Lord and I am just along for the ride."

Watch Davis break the school record at the K-Bell 1600 meters.  This is a must see:

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  1. That was a gutsy move by Sean Davis taking over at the end of the 3rd lap, then dropping back to 4th or 5th and smoking everyone to win it in 4:17:01. Great race, Sean.