Monday, October 3, 2011

Warriors Shine at Half Moon Bay Invitational

Josh Profio just before the 2 mile mark at Half Moon Bay.
Half Moon Bay, CA – The Warriors saw it all at the 40th running of the Artichoke Invitational Saturday. From fog to drizzle to sunshine the weather was all over the place but team shined through as they saw outstanding performances from every one who raced! The course is a fun 2.33 miles with a monster hill just over the half way mark that is brutal no matter how fit you are, but despite the climb many had their best race of the year.

One new addition to this year's Half Moon Bay Invitational was a series of hay bales the athletes had to hurdle in a section of the course called the “gauntlet.”  It made for an even more exciting race as the runners had a cheering section that got a rowdy ovation each time they cleared the obstacle.

The boys were the first to race and saw Corey Bentley and Eric Ortiz medal as they both finished in the top 20.  Both Ortiz and Bentley are in their first year running and have both earned spots in the Top 7 varsity team.  Bentley was the top finisher of the day finishing 6th place in a time of 14:20, which places him #18 all-time for the Warriors.  Ortiz showed up thinking he was going to do a long run but last minute decided to jump in the race instead and go for a medal.  It wouldn't be easy, just the day before Ortiz worked out hard completing one of the hardest workouts the team will do all season, "The Michigan."  Running tough, Ortiz ran magnificently and didn't show any sign of fatigue until the final sprint.  Finishing 12th in 14:35 he is #21 all-time for the Warriors and earned his top 20 medal the hard way!

Paul James running through "The Gauntlet"
Not far behind the rest of the team was running outstanding as well.  Freshman Samuel Han has been improving steadily all year and ran an outstanding 16:07 for the 2.33 miles to finish 25th over-all.  Nick Staub took it out hard passing the mile in 6:15 and held on to finish 30th in 16:27.  Wilson Ye and Paul James, both freshman who are in their first year running had a breakthrough of their own and have showed rapid improvement the last few weeks.  Ye took it out at 6:35 for the first mile while James showed patients and paced the first mile in 6:50.  It was James who came out on top in the end with an excellent sprint the last 400 meters to finish in 17:12, while Ye finished in 17:18, respectably.  Also running season best times was another first year runner, Inigo Garcia who finished in 18:05 and Josh Profio who finished in 18:42.  It was not only an impressive showing for each individual but for the team as well as the boys finished 4th in their division.

Allison Mai hurdles the hay bales in the "Gauntlet" at HMB
The girls were next up and they took it out hard with 4 girls coming though the mile in 7:50 or faster running in the top 20.  The hill took its toll after the tough pace but they held on to run their season best times as well.  Lindsey Folden was the top finisher on the day running 19:30 to finish in 22nd place.  She was followed by Amanda Ernenwein (20:40) who has shown solid improvement over the past few weeks.  Mogan Haag has also been improving at a quick pace and following a well paced mile of 7:50 she moved up the whole race to finish 36th in 21:40.  Allison Mai (22:10) and Elaine Ma (22:14) rounded out the team scoring to help the team finish 4th in their division. 

Boys Results - Half Moon Bay (2.33 mi)

Team Record: Joe Garcia 12:33 2009

Mile 1 Mile 2

Corey Bentley 11 14:20 5:57 12:35

Eric Ortiz 12 14:35 5:57 12:44

Samuel Han 9 16:07 6:28 14:07

Nick Staub 11 16:28 6:15 14:27

Paul James 9 17:12 6:50 15:14

Wilson Ye 9 17:18 6:32 15:04

Inigo Garcia 10 18:05 6:49 16:01

Josh Profio 12 18:42 7:07 16:35

Girls Results - Half Moon Bay (2.33 mi)

Team Record: Jennifer Bergman 14:00 2005

Mile 1 Mile 2

Lindsey Folden 11 19:30 7:38 17:06

Amanda Ernenwein 9 20:40 7:43 18:10

Morgan Haag 9 21:41 7:43 19:36

Allison Mai 9 22:10 7:50 18:58

Elaine Ma 9 22:14 8:14 19:36

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