Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Warriors Cross Country To Compete in Nike Pre-Nationals

The Valley Christian Warriors Cross Country team  travels to Portland, Oregon to compete in the Nike Pre-Nationals Saturday.

The race will feature over 3500 runners from 150 teams throughout the Pacific Northwest.  This will be the first time the Warriors will compete in the Pre-National race and also is the first time the Varsity will all compete together as a complete team.  "Our first race of the year the athletes were separated by grade and last week was a relay," said Coach Small.  "I am excited to see what we can do running together as a team for a 5k."

The Girls team has come into the season in shape and motivated.  After finishing third over-all at the Early Bird Invitational they finished 2nd in the large school division at the RLS Relays.  The boys team has also started the season strong running a team record at the Early Bird invitational.  The team is led by Sean Davis who in his first race of the year broke the school record by more than a minute.

The boys race at 10:15 am in Division 3; The girls at 2:50 pm in the Championship Division.

For more info check out the Nike Pre-Nationals Website: CLICK HERE

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