Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet the Team: Kellianne Connolly

For our next installment of "Meet the Team" we interview sophomore Kellianne Connolly. She came into the season on fire has made an immediate impact on the varsity team finishing as as the warriors #3 runner in the first two meets of the season. When speaking of Connolly one coach called her "The Real Deal" after she crushed the Toro Park course at the Early Bird Invitational. She is known for pushing herself to the limit and running on pure guts. Her all or nothing running style sets an example of what it means to push yourself to the limit.

Class: Sophomore
Favorite Class: Musical Theater & Math
Favorite Food: Tacos!!! But I love, like, all food!
Pets: I have two dogs

Q: When did you start running? What inspired you to try cross country?

I started running in 6th grade on the Junior High team at Valley Christian. I was inspired to try it because all my family runs and I wanted to fit in and not be a "loser."

Q: What was your first race? Describe your experience.

My first race was two miles and I didn't realize it is important to run hard. I remember talking to my parents running by. But I understand now!

Q: What do you like about running Cross Country?

I like the competitiveness when you are on the course, and I love the tightness of this cross country group. I have made some amazing friends by being on this team!

Q: What is your favorite Workout? What is the hardest?

My favorite workouts are the hill repeats because I feel "like a beast" when I finish. Although it is really tough. The toughest is the long distance, like the other day we ran 10 miles!

Q: Favorite XC Race? Course? Favorite team to compete against?

My favorite cross country race is the State Championship in Fresno and my favorite course is Toro Park. I really like competing against Presentaton, they are a good team and always battle which makes it fun.


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